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Travel Packages To Thousand Island

How common with tourist activities in Thousand Island to essentially the same in the island tourist activity on the island along with another rule because the Thousand Islands is usual plus shore excursions along the beach area & amp; ADA waves imaginable throughout the Thousand Islands along the coast is not a set rule on high waves appropriate for surfing activity.
If you traveled to the Thousand Islands either to Tidung, Pari Island, Pramuka Island or Island Wishful thinking will certainly carry out movements like the following:

Tour Guide

Tour guide will pick you up for a moment when his passenger ships are you riding already arrived on the tourist island. guide can deliver you to your room accommodation (homestay) We prepare the rule already.


snorkeling on the island Tidung Kegiatam skin diving can be held after lunch or between thirteen to fourteen o'clock pm (snorkeling Kwa dispensed with if the weather does not provide support such as rain or high winds). Each group of skin diving can be guided by the guide We & amp; all equipped with the apparatus kumplit skin diving.
When skin diving you able to ask your Employee For memphoto were in the water when the function is created to perpetuate the activity.


Turtle-shell-island-pramuka,for activities of these roads certainly depends Iranian language that you buy travel packages. If you purchased travel packages to Tidung so the streets are to the Bridge of Love or mengahdiri Tidung small & amp; Tidung Island's west coast.
Suppose you buy a travel package to Pulau Pari so the streets to the beach girl Pari Island and forth along the same matter if you buy travel packages Scout Island & amp; Island travel packages Ideals.


Sunset Island this BBQ Tidung Acara dilakukanpada midnight HRI or rather about pukuk nineteen: 00 pm. BBQ space is dipinggiran beach / sea & amp; For BBQ menu depends Iranian language availability for example fish, squid or shrimp (average of types of tuna fish / fish tengkek) typical of the Thousand Islands.

cycling Kalem

Each traveler will obtain bike tour muted For walks to the beach or around residential communities. Create a rule to buy travel packages to Island Ideals & amp; Scout Island slow cycling program be deleted because the 2nd island is not big as Pari Island & amp; Tidung Island.
game Beach

On the whole island there are beach games which is quite interesting, varied & amp; cheap. Beach games that exist on the whole space travel, namely: cargo ship, sofa boat, jetski, teleost fish & amp; Kanno boat.

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